Donation to Save the Bees

HMS Save the Bees

Holiday Donation to Save the Bees

At New Mexico Flower Company we believe the Holidays are a time to celebrate all you hold dear as well as a time to give something back. Which is why we are proud to donate to the New Mexico Beekeepers Association to help Save the Bees!

Consequently, we are also proud to announce a partnership with Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation for the 2020 year. Because of their ongoing support to Save the Bees, we are excited to work together to make the world a better place. Be sure to watch for more information about this partnership in the new year.

You may be wondering, why Save the Bees? The answer is simple. Without our little pollinator friends, there would be no flowers. So as the big Holiday approaches we wanted to give back to our community and our environment.

Finally, New Mexico Flower Company would like to wish everyone a beautiful Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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