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New Mexico Flower Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


At New Mexico Flower Company we believe that excellence begins with a commitment to our customers. Because we hold our company to the highest industry standards we strongly believe in providing high quality flowers and floral products along with outstanding customer service. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products*.

Our customers ask, what does the NM Flower Company 100% satisfaction guarantee cover?

If you are not satisfied with the design or the quality, you are eligible for a replacement. We guarantee our flowers and arrangements for 24 hours. The customer must notify New Mexico Flower Company within 24 hours of receiving or of purchase to qualify for a replacement floral arrangement of equal value.

*Limitations and Restrictions may apply to our satisfaction guarantee. Flowers are seasonal items and are subject to availability. The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to flowers that have been neglected, mishandled, or that expire prematurely due to climate conditions.

New Mexico Flower Company reserves the right to make a judgment based upon information given and also reserves the right to refuse any request with regards to products, goods, and services delivered.  Circumstances that may apply and are not limited to neglect and mishandling are listed below:

  • Flowers left in a hot car
  • Flowers left in a cold car or garage
  • Flowers placed under a heating or cooling vent
  • Flowers left in direct sunlight
  • Flowers left outside in hot or cold conditions
  • Flowers left with no water source or let to dry out.

Please see our care and handling videos and guidelines for more information on how to keep your flower arrangements fresh and happy.

Wedding and Event clients, please refer to your event contract for more information.

Should you have additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact New Mexico Flower Company.