Tips for Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

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At New Mexico Flower Company, we guarantee our flower arrangements will make you and your loved ones smile.

All of our flowers have been carefully processed and expertly cared for by our team of professional floral designers to ensure the highest quality and longevity in our fresh floral, foliage, and plant products.

Caring for your flowers is easy, just follow the simple flower care steps outlined below.

Flower Care Tips

  1. Flowers love water! Be sure to keep the vase or container full by adding water daily or as needed.
  2. It is recommended that water be changed every 2 days to keep flowers fresh.
  3. A fresh cut of the stems (half an inch) every 2-3 days will also help the blooms to drink.
    1. Using a garden sheer or pruner cut the stems on a diagonal at least half an inch from the bottom of the stem.

Additional Care Tips

  1. Indirect light is best for your blooms. Keep flowers and bouquets out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning or heating vents.
  2. Flowers do best at room temperatures from 55-75 degrees.
  3. Please do not leave fresh flowers and plants in cars or garages as excessive heat or cold can cause damage.
  4. Some flowers will bloom more quickly than others. Buds will gradually open in 2-4 days and some buds may remain closed. Pruning leaves and expired blossoms over time will encourage other buds to possibly open.


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