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Flower Subscription Information

We offer Monthly or Quarterly options for annual flower subscription plans. That’s right, get fresh flowers for a whole year! What could be better?

How long is the subscription commitment? Your plan begins the month you subscribe and will expire the following year. You must renew annually to continue service.

What’s included with a monthly flower subscription? One flower arrangement or seasonal plant will be sent each month of the year for a total of 12 flower deliveries annually.

Each floral arrangement will be made using the freshest flowers in a seasonal assortment of blooms, fillers, and greenery, all locally sourced to reflect the best of the season.

The best part is delivery is included! So go ahead click here to get started. Click here to sign up for a Monthly Flower Subscription

Can I upgarde a montly plan? Yes! We offer a regular seasonal floral package and this can be upgreaded to a premium, or luxury flower subscription. You can make this upgrade in your shopping cart at check out.

How can I sign up for a flower subscription plan? Click here place your order online.

What’s included in a Quarterly flower subscription? One flower arrangement or seasonal plant will be sent seasonally with each of the four seasons for a total of 4 flower deliveries annually. Delivery is included.

Click here to sign up for a Quarterly Flower Subscription.

Do you offer cooperate flower subscriptions? Yes! We can create fresh flowers for your office, restaurant, or business. As well as send flowers to your customers. Please contact NM Flower Company directly for details and pricing of cooperate subscriptions.

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Please note that all deliveries will be made at the discretion of New Mexico Flower Company. Each delivery will be made within each month of your subscription plan. Specific delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.